Thursday 21 October 2021

TV Licensing - Your IN01O0A18

 Oh no!  My IN01O0A18 has arrived...

Lots of people have been receiving an IN01O0A18 letter/notification and we've all got the same code so unless it's some kind of cryptic message that you need Alun Turing to decrypt it seems like a random code they've made up to make it look scary to try and intimidate you in to buying a TV Licence that you do not need.

"We need to check you are not breaking the law" - no, no you don't.  You may like to but you do not need to as there is no legal requirement for you to do so.  I have not broken the law as I do not need a TV Licence.

Again, the only way to stop the intimidation and threats is to "buy a TV Licence" - I still cannot comprehend how a protection racket from the BBC can be legal practice!

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