Wednesday 14 April 2021

TV Licensing - 10 Days To Get Correctly Licensed

I wonder what's going to happen on April the 28th 2021?

Not a lot by the looks of it as the status of the 'investigation' is now: Visit temporally on hold - as I've said previously, we're in a Pandemic so the TV Licensing 'Officers' should not be potentially spreading COVID 19 on peoples doorsteps.

"There is no record of a TV Licence at this address. This means you are breaking the law" - enough to put fear of God in to some people who may stop reading the letter at this point as they become more worried about a £1,000 or possible prison sentence :(

Apparently they know it's tough at the moment (you know with people dying of COVID etc) so they're giving me 10 days (until the 28th of April 2021) to buy a TV Licence as I "must get correctly licensed" - I am correctly licensed, you only need a TV Licence if you watch Live TV or use the BBC iPlayer.

Ooh!  They're not 'Officers' any more, now they are calling them "specialist advisers".

"If you think you don't need a licence, you should tell us in the next 10 days" - this is a lie, you do not have to tell them anything.

So, what happens next then as if I don't contact them by the 28th they will "start a full investigation"

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