Friday 30 July 2021


Here we go again - now they're sending me an OFFICIAL NOTICE!

"You are in breach of the Communications act 2003" - no I'm not.  You DO NOT NEED A TV LICENCE IF YOU DO NOT WATCH LIVE TV OR USE THE BBC IPLAYER!

"As we still have no record of a TV Licence at this address, by law we have no option but to continue with our investigation" - this is nothing but a blatant lie as there is no legal requirement to tell TV Licensing that you do not need a TV License.

The threatening letter goes on to use such lovely words as "interviewed under caution" (they're not the Police so this is nonsense), "criminal law" (you do not need at TV Licence if you do not watch Live TV and do no use the BBC iPlayer), "penalty", "criminal conviction", "£1,000 fine"

Again the only way to stop the investigation and then sending someone to your home is to "Buy a TV Licence".

How on Earth can TV Licensing legally get away with these threatening/intimidating letters that are clearly developed to scare people in to buying something that they do not need?

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