Northamptonshire Dialect - GHI


Gaby - A silly fellow with a vacant stare
Gad-about - A rambling and tattling gossip
Gadding - Going gossiping from door to door
Gait - A measurement of liquid, 1 Gait = 2 Buckets
Gap-Hul - A chasm in the ground
Gawky - A tall, lank, awkward-looking female
Gawney - A simpleton
Gawp - To stare vacantly
Gel - Girl
Gen - Gave
Gets - Earnings
Gidling - Giddy and thoughtless
Gie - Give
Gimma - Give me
Gimmat - Give me it
Gimp - The thick thread in pillow lace that forms the pattern
Gin - Given
Gin’t - Gave it
Gis - Give
Gissa - Give us a
Git - Get
Gobble-cock - A male turkey
Gollop - To swallow greedily
Goo - Go
Good-sirs-alive - An exclamation of surprise
Gooing - Going
Gooz-gogs or Guzgogs - Gooseberry
Gossiping-pot - A two handled pot that requires two people to carry it so they are in close proximity to each other giving them a chance to gossip to each other
Gotta - Got to
Grub - Food
Gua - Go
Gunna - Going to
Guzz - Goes
Guzzunder - Chamber pot
Gwain - To go


Half-sharp - Daft
Han - Have
Hanna - Have not
Han’t - Has not or Have not
Harp - To dwell upon
Harry-long-legs - A summer fly with very long legs.  Other counties call them Daddy-long-legs
Hassnt - Has not
Hayty-Tayty - An interjection on making an enquiry, i.e. “Hayty-taty! What’s the matter now?”
Hern -  Hers; her own
Herring-bone - A peculiar ziz-zag sewing technique
Hickle, Icwell - The woodpecker.
High-Larnt -Inteligent
Himsen - Himself
His’n - His own
Hither-and-Yon - Here and there
Hobbledy-Hoy - An awkward lad, neither man nor boy
Hobble - Dilema
Hobbled - Perplexed
Hobble-Gobblers - Turkeys
Hod-Dod - A garden snail
Hoddy-Doddy - A disproportionally stout female
Hogo - A disagreeable offensive smell
Holp - Help
Hommer - Hammer
Honey-and-Nuts - Something that is agreeable or satisfactory
Hoolet - An owl
Hoodle-Cum-Blind - AKA Blind-Mans-Bluff
Hook-Fingered - Dishonest
Hooman - Woman
Hoop - Used in the game of Hide and Seek to indicate the person is ready to be found
Hoopit - see Hoop
Hop-O’-My-Thumb - A little person (Dwarf)
Howsomdiver - Howsoever
Howsomever - However
Hum - Home
Hum and Haw - Hesitate / To be undecided
Hunk - A large misshapen piece of bread and cheese
Hurkle - To crouch
Hus - House
Hutherikin-Lad - A ragged boy


Ice-Shoggle - An icicle
Ickle - Another name for an icicle
Im - Him
Ind - Inn or Public House
Inion - Onion
In’ards - The insides of an animal
Innerds - Inwards
Is un - His one
Istard - Eastward
Izzard - The letter Z

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