Thursday 24 June 2021

TV Licensing IN01O0A14 Code Has Been Issued Against Your Address

Oh no!  An IN01O0A14 code has been issued against my address!!

What on earth does this nonsense even mean?  Nothing is the answer, as far as I can see it's just absolute gibberish to once again try to trick and/or frighten people who do not need a TV Licence in to buying one just to stop these increasingly bizarre letters TV Licensing keep sending out.

"We need to check you are not breaking the law" - no you don't, there is no legal obligation to tell TV Licensing that you do not need a licence.

You do not need a TV Licence if you do not watch Live TV or use the BBC iPlayer so why do you keep sending out these ridiculous letters?

The only way to stop the letters and any visits you get is to "buy a TV Licence" - as I've said before is this not a Protection Racket?

Monday 21 June 2021

TV Licensing - Enforcement Officer Investigation Approved

Looks like an Enforcement Office (I thought they were 'Specialist Advisors') has been approved to visit...

Why would you put an additional window in the envelope highlighting "Official notice: investigation opened"?  The only thing I can think of is to intimidate you in to buying a TV License that you may not need as the Post Office staff now all know you're being investigated.

How can intimidation like this from the BBC be legal?

Now I'm being warned as this is an "official warning" as they have "asked you to contact us several times, but you have not responded.  There is still no record of a TV Licence as this property"

They sent letters asking me before I moved in to the property!  I have not responded as there is no legal requirement to do so and even if I did respond they will still send an 'Officer' round so what's the point?

"It is a criminal offence to watch or record live TV" - again, the only reason such language is used is to try and intimidate people in to buying a TV License that they may not need as you only need a TV License if you watch (or record) Live TV or use the BBC iPlayer.

As per previous letters, they say the only way to stop the investigation is to buy a TV License - this is nothing more than a protection racket and I am gobsmacked how this can be legal, unless I buy a TV License that I do not need they will continue to hound me.

They use scare tactics by using words like "illegally", "prosecuted" and threaten you with a "£1,000 fine plus any legal costs or compensation" - absolutely disgraceful behaviour.

I wonder how many people who do not need a TV License have been scared in to buying one based on the very cleverly worded letters they send out to scare people in to buying something they do not need?

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