Northamptonshire Dialect - DEF


Daggers - Icicles
Daglocks - Matted locks of wool hanging under a sheep
Dain - Down
Dapperwit - A lively little man
Dead-nap - A cheat or rogue
Dee - Day
Devils Finger Ring - A large hairy caterpillar
Dick-Pot - A pot filled with either hot coal or wooden embers used either by old women or lacemakers to put under their petticoats to keep warm
Dob - A term used in the game Marbles
Doomot - A feast
Draw-latch - A lazy person
Drive-off - To procrastinate
Druc - Drove
Duck - A lovely person
Duck-frost - A light frost
Duck-shower - A light shower
Dudman - A scarecrow
Duds - Rags or clothes
Dudman - A scarecrow
Dufhus - A dovecote
Dug - Dog
Dun - Done
Dunna - Don’t
Dunnit - Doesn’t it
Dunt - Don’t
Dunwanner - Don’t want to
Dussent - Dare not
Dwanner - Do you want to?
Dwansummat - Do you want something?
Dwant - Do you want
Dwizy - Sleepy


E - He
Ees - He’s
Eekle - The woodpecker
Elp - Help
Encher - Aren’t you
Enna - Am not or isn’t
Ent - Not
Ent It - Isn’t it - it can also be reversed: It Ent meaningI it isn’t
Erd - Heard
Ere - Here
Et - Eat
Eyer - Have you


Fairy-butter - A gelatinous substance found on rotten wood or fallen timber
Feddup - Fed up
Feather-legs - Brussel-sprouts
Fer - For
Ferrick - To scratch
Fezzle - A litter of pigs
Fiddle-sticks-end - A vulgar exclamation
Fighting-Cocks - A game played by children, so called as they challenge one another to strike the heads of plantain plants of the same name
File - An unscrupulous old man
Fill-Dike - February
Fing - Thing
Fistles - Thistles
Fiz-Gig - A wild flirting girl
Flirtigig - A wild, wanton, young flirting girl of a posh background
Flobber - Loose flabby flesh
Flommax - An ill-dressed slatternly female
Flurrigigs - Useless finery
Fly-away - A flirting, absurdly dressed girl
Fogey - An old man with very little personal hygiene
Fogo - An unpleasant odour
Fol-De-Rol - An exultation used in the game of Hop-Scotch when you reach the middle square
Foller - Follow
Folly - A useless building
Foo - Few
Fossuck - A troublesome person
Frack - To fill to excess
Frecks - Painful sores on the end of your fingers
Frit - Frightened
Frorst - Frost
Fruff - Brittle
Frunt - Front
Fuddah - Farther
Fur - Far
Fussock - A large gross woman
Fussocking - Irritating, annoying.
Fust - First

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