Northamptonshire Dialect - Introduction

Each county has it’s own local dialect, some people love them and some people hate them.  I think they are a very important part of our Heritage and it’s important that they are used and remembered.

I’m Ket'rin' (Kettering) ‘born and bred’ and have grown up with the local dialect and several years ago (*ahem*) when I was in my teens I made an important decision to learn and speak as much of my local dialect as possible.

I’m hoping to compile and record as many local words, sayings and phrases as possible on this website to record them all for generations to come.

Depending on your age and length of time living in Northamptonshire, you may or (more likely) may not recognise all of the words defined in this part of my website/blog.

I started compiling this list by listing all the words that either myself or my Mother or Father either use or have used in the past and have put an ‘English’ explanation next to it.

I have performed some research in to words and phrases that have been used in Northamptonshire for many, many years and I have found a couple of books that date back to the mid 1800’s (available in the reference section of Kettering Library) that contain a lot of the words we still use locally today - along with quite a few that I’ve never come across before!

I wont be listing ever single word or phrase that I come across, just the ones that I have heard of, currently use, sound interesting or are of a humourous nature!

New words are being added all the time so please make sure you bookmark/favourite this site so you can easily re-visit to view any new additions.

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