Friday 21 January 2022

TV Licensing - Happy New Year! - Will you be in on 3rd February?

Happy New Year to TV Licensing as they continue to harass me and try to intimidate me in to buying TV Licence that I do not need!

First of all, unless the BRITISH Broadcasting Corporation has turned in to the AMERICAN Broadcasting Corporation, shouldn't it be Will you be in on the 3rd of February??

It's a Thursday which is a weekday so I'll probably be at work on the 3rd of February.

Again, they boast of visiting an address every 6 seconds (8,000 intimidating visits a day)!

The only way to stop the intimidating letters and threats of 'Officers' visiting you "Day. Evening. Even weekends" is to "buy a TV Licece" "before it's too late" and don't forget "if no one answers, they can come back".

Threatening.  Bullying.  Intimidating.  Threatening.

How is this harassment legal???

I do not have a TV Licence as I do not need one!   If I watched live TV (on any channel) or use the iPlayer then I would buy one, but I don't so I don't need one.

The only way to stop these threats "before it's too late" is to "buy a TV Licence".

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