Tuesday 21 December 2021

TV Licensing - OFFICIAL NOTICE (Again)

Another OFFICIAL NOTICE from the lovely people at TV Licensing - MERRY CHRISTMAS!

Apparently I am "in breach of the Communications Act 2003" or at least that's the intimidating wording they are hoping you will read that will scare you in to paying them £159 a year, each year to stop them contacting you both in writing and in person.

Nothing more than a protection racket.  I still don't know how this practice can be legal.

Just because I know their tricks and lies doesn't mean others don't - how my vulnerable people have been scared in to buying a TV Licence that they do not need?

How many of the 8,000 visits a day (1 per 6 seconds according to TV Licensing) result in people being tricked/scared/intimidated?

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