Northamptonshire Expressions and Phrases

All-a-bits  -  In pieces/rags

Apple-pie-order  -  To put things in to a precise order.

Back and edge  -  ‘tooth and nail’

Bad abed and wussup - Bad in bed and worse up

Bag of moonshine  -  A load of rubbish - a tall story.

Cudunt spit a tanner - Dry mouth

Don’t come anear me  -  Don’t come close to me.

Eating mullocks  -  Eating junk-food.

‘e enna gonna - he’s not going to

‘e enna gonna goo - he’s not going to go

‘e frit me ter death - He frightened me

Gissa dekho - Let me look

He said as how he’d come  -  He said that he’d come.

How d’ye hold?  -  How are you? - Usually used by old people

It's looking black over Will's mothers house - There are dark clouds on their way - mainly used in the summer months when you should have sunshine and not very dark clouds full of rain on their way
Mind your knitting  -  Mind your own business

Oh what a duck!  -  What a lovely person!

Out at elbows - In debt

What do you say by it?  -  What do you say about it?

When there is Weetabix in the air, the weather will be fair  -  This is a local saying in Kettering, if you can smell Weetabix from the factory in Burton Latimer then it's going to be a nice day weather wise.

You dussent do it - You dare not do it

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