Northamptonshire Dialect - PQR


Packwack - The gristly tendons of the neck of animals
Palanquins - Gaitors
Pankeck - Pancake
Parfitly - Perfectly
Parish-Lantern - The moon
Pedgel - To pick and eat corn in a field
Peg-Away - To eat hastily
Peggins - Childrens teeth
Peggle At - To gnaw at something hard
Peps - Sweets
Pick-A-Pack - Piggy-Back
Pickle - A mischievous boy
Piggle - To root up potatoes with your hands
Poothy-Weather - Close and Hot weather
Popping-Hole - A small lump or swelling on the head, produced by a blow or fall
Porlee - Porly
Pot-Wabbler - A housekeeper
Pothery - Hot, close, muggy
Poz - Positive
Prick - To trace the footsteps of a rabbit
Prick-Nickle - A dry hedge of thorns
Prog-Box - A schoolboys receptacle for cake
Puncher - Puncture
Pund - Pound


Quote - A small boil
Quoyet - Quiet


Ramlin - Clumsy
Rasps - Raspberries
Rattle-Traps - Bits ‘n’ Bobs
Rawk - Mist or fog
Reechy - Rancid
Right-On-End - Upright
Riss - See Riz
Riz - Rise/Rose

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