Northamptonshire Dialect - JKL


Jabber - Confused idle talk
Jar-Peg - A woodpecker
Jingle-Brains - A wild noisy person
Joan-Blunt - Someone who speaks their mind
Jip - Pain
Jollup - Medicine
Jumber - Stammer
Jumblement - Confusion or disorder
Jusly - Exactly


Keck - Cake
Kent - Can’t
Kitchun - Kitchen
Keck-Handed - Awkward, left-handed
Kelter - Money, cash
Ken - A glance, a look
Kill-Crow - A difficulty or an obstacle in the way
Kings - An exclamation made to claim a temporary cessation of the game they are playing
Kissing-Crust - The bottom crust or knobby end at the corner of a loaf of bread
Knab - To snatch or bite
Knap-The-Rust - To receive punishment unexpectedly
Knick-Knacks - Small useless things
Knick-Knackeries - See Knick-Knacks
Knock Along - To move or work quickly
Know-Nothing - A totally ignorant person
Knubble - To wrap something untidily


Lace - To beat with a stick
Lackits - A small some of money
Lag-Last - Someone who is tardy and lingers behind
Land-Daw - A crow
Lap - The faggot wood of a tree
Lape - To lap like a cat or dog
Lark - A mischievous frolic
Lat - Let
Lather - Ladder
Leatherhead - Someone who is stupid
Lew-Warm - Lukewarm
Ligger - Liar
Lilly-Dew - Perspiration
Lithering - Loitering
Litsome - Lazy, idle, slothful
Lob - Throw
Lollop - To beat
Lommocks - A fat clumsy person
Lommocking - Large, unwieldy, awkward
Loik - Like
Looby - An awkward clownish fellow
Lop - See Lap
Loybree - Library
Lern - Learn

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