Wednesday 2 February 2022

TV Licensing Visited - Or Did They??

I came home to this today:

The intimidating letter claims that I was visited today and I need to take action within 7 days to avoid another visit!  So they 'visited' to say that they are going to visit me!

Once again they go on to say that the only way to stop the intimidating letters and threats of (another) visit is to buy a TV Licence that I DO NOT NEED as I DO NOT WATCH LIVE TV or use the IPLAYER!

The weirdest thing is though, they never rang my doorbell or knock on my door.  They simply got out of their car and posted this odd letter through my letterbox, turned around and left!  I know this as I checked my doorbell camera.  Very, very, odd.

Even if you go on to their website and fill in the form to say you do no need a TV Licence they still threaten to pay you a visit so what's the point in that!

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