Wednesday 31 March 2021

TV Licensing - Action Required Immediately

I've literally just moved in and it looks like TV Licensing have sent me a bill.

Well, it looked like a bill, but it turns out I'm in the final stages of an investigation!

Why am I being investigated?  The answer in the letter is because I've not responded to any of their correspondence - how can I reply to letters I've never received?  I'VE ONLY JUST MOVED IN!

Apparently they are going to send out an Officer to my house - surely this can't be legal as we're in a Pandemic!

"An Officer may interview you under caution in accordance with national criminal law" - they're not Police Officers but the wording implies that they are, how on earth can they legally say such things?

"In Scotland, Scottish law applies" - firstly, no sh!t Sherlock!  Secondly, I live in ENGLAND, you've sent me the letter yet you don't appear to know that Northamptonshire is in England and not Scotland.

You only need a TV License if you watch live TV or use the BBC iPlayer.  You do not have to tell them you do not need a License - you may think by doing so you would stop an investigation and an 'Officer' from visiting you but as it clearly states they "may visit to confirm this".  The only way to stop a visit/investigation is to buy a TV License (which I do not need) - this sounds like a protection racket to me.

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