Thursday 24 June 2021

TV Licensing IN01O0A14 Code Has Been Issued Against Your Address

Oh no!  An IN01O0A14 code has been issued against my address!!

What on earth does this nonsense even mean?  Nothing is the answer, as far as I can see it's just absolute gibberish to once again try to trick and/or frighten people who do not need a TV Licence in to buying one just to stop these increasingly bizarre letters TV Licensing keep sending out.

"We need to check you are not breaking the law" - no you don't, there is no legal obligation to tell TV Licensing that you do not need a licence.

You do not need a TV Licence if you do not watch Live TV or use the BBC iPlayer so why do you keep sending out these ridiculous letters?

The only way to stop the letters and any visits you get is to "buy a TV Licence" - as I've said before is this not a Protection Racket?

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